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Our Events

Celebrating all of you

IW is dedicated to fostering global unity, recognizing that fashion, food, and entertainment have the power to transcend ethnic, cultural, gender, age, and language barriers. We believe that these creative spheres connect with individuals and consumers in every market, creating meaningful experiences and everlasting moments. With a focus on private and corporate events centered around fashion, food, entertainment, wellness and lifestyle, IW specializes in crafting meticulously curated experiences from concept to execution. Our utmost priority is to ensure that each event is enjoyable, original and unforgettable, as the true value and impact of an event lies in its ability to be remembered and spark conversations.

IW with a wealth of experience and vision also works with interested clients, hospitality, real-estate, aviation, travel, food & beverage, luxury and lifestyle brands and Individuals to develop and execute B2B and B2C bespoke special targeted events and launches designed to build, elevate and gain maximum outreach and impact. 

One of our highly anticipated annual event is the Germany Worldwide Fashion and Food Week (GWFFW), an extraordinary celebration of diversity and cultures. This premium gathering attracts not only food enthusiasts, designers, and wellness experts but also garners attention from local and international media. By seamlessly crossing borders, GWFFW serves as a vibrant platform that embraces equality and showcases the richness of different cultures, creating an immersive experience for all.

Our workshops and seminars on social causes and speakers titled "You Are Not Alone", strive´s to create a sense of unity, and provide assistance to those in need. They are designed to support individuals by conveying the message that we are with you and will help you through. 
In order to combat stereotypes and societal judgment, our aim is to raise awareness and educate. Instead of judgment, let us foster understanding. Together, let us reassure each other with the powerful statement, "You Are Not Alone".

At IW, we are committed to delivering exceptional experiences that captivate the senses, leave a lasting impression and also help Individuals

Join us as we bring together people from across the globe to celebrate and embrace the interconnectivity of fashion, food, lifestyle, entertainment, and more.


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