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Germany Worldwide


The Ultimate Premium Multicultural Platform 

The Event

Celebrating Diversity & Cultures!

The new Germany with its cosmopolitan flair is home to people hailing from various ethnic backgrounds, GWFFW will showcase and celebrate equality and the coexistence of these diverse cultures.

Scheduled for the third quarter of every year GWFFW is an annual multicultural premium event where food enthusiasts, designers, models, celebrities, media, fashionistas, socialites, VIP´s & corporates come together to celebrate the best in fashion, food, arts, culture & lifestyle. The event also helps further promote tourism Germany as a multicultural destination.


To celebrate diversity and showcase multiculturalism existing in Germany. GWFFW believes in bringing the world together, celebrating diversity, inclusion, and equality, building relationships, creating equal opportunities, and encouraging excellence in quality. GWFFW is not only an ultimate viable CSR & Sponsorship platform with infinite points of exploration but also an equal opportunity platform for the emerging, the talented and the established.


The event attracts a cosmopolitan affluent, high-net-worth audience involving social / business networking, food and beverage enthusiasts, potential buyers/consumers, designers, labels, fashionistas, media, suppliers, retailers, corporates, socialites, VIPs, celebrities, and more.

Eating Standing Up

Insight: GWFFW 

GWFFW will entail dine with us multicuisine food and drink lounges, good nutrition stands, live cooking stations creating culinary experiences, entertainment, fashion shows by local and International fashion, accessory designers, male, female, non binary models hailing from various ethnic backgrounds, hair, make-up, perfumeries, cosmetics, arts, culture, luxury brands, travel, lifestyle exhibition / sale and more.

The VIP Gala red carpet fashion show & buffet dinner followed by the after party will be held on Saturday evening for the invited guests, VIP`s, sponsors, media, celebrities and attending public. 

The Event
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 The Ultimate CSR / Sponsorship Platform 

 We Welcome You! 

 Your partnership can directly uplift lives 




 Media Partnership & Accreditation 

 Contact: gwffw@internationalworldorg .com 

Take Part!

 Interested to participate 

 Applications open for local and international 
Send your
CV + 2 high resolution pictures/images 


  • Food Designers / suppliers, makers, manufacturers

  • Fashion & accessory designers, retailers, brands, labels

  • Unconventional artists / designers in any category

  • Multicultural - Entertainers, Dancers, Singers, Performers, Bands, DJs, Musicians

  • Choreographers, Creative directors, EMCEE - Individuals freelancers

  • Models and Aspiring models: Models of All ethnicities, Color & Sizes
    (Male, Female, Non-Binary- above 18 years of age). 

  • Photographers / Videographers

  • Other Services/Products


Backstage Volunteers are welcome: Multilingual / Multicultural 

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