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Meet Sonu Singh


About Sonu

Sonu Singh, a successful Indian-born entrepreneur, founded
her company "International World" in Germany in 2021. With extensive knowledge and experience in the Fashion, Events, Entertainment, and Lifestyle industry, Sonu has organized numerous high-profile shows. Her deep passion for her work drives her, she believes that when you love what you do, you never work a day!


Sonu's unwavering dedication lies in making a difference by doing things uniquely. She recognizes the distinct offerings that each country, continent, and its people bring to the table. Through her company´s diverse undertakings, Sonu aims to unite people and showcase the best of the world.

We are all the same, till we do something different, different enough to change things !

The Company 

Sonu Singh's International World aims to bridge cultural gaps and create a global village by bringing people from diverse backgrounds together. Through world-class multicultural events and fashion shows, International World organizes and executes memorable experiences that communicate, influence, and transform societies and people's mindsets.

International World not only provides platforms for the established but also for the emerging. It serves as a celebration of style, beauty, arts & culture, and collaborations.

Fashion & Food Annual Event / Multicultural Premium Platform

One of IW´s most sought-after annual event Germany Worldwide Fashion & Food Week brings together suppliers, consumers, designers, retailers, food and beverage enthusiasts, supermodels, VIPs, celebrities, corporates, influencers, entertainers, media, and more.

Additionally, its e-commerce platform, "," enables global access to fashion, special foods, accessories, and artifacts from different countries. (Processing)


Bespoke Events

From concept to execution IW also caters bespoke events for companies of all sizes, from small to large, offering opportunities locally and internationally for established and emerging labels, brands, and individuals.


Wellness Beauty Fitness Events

Promoting internal beauty and fitness, International World also hosts health, wellness, and fitness events, workshops and seminars for mind, body and soul, featuring renowned experts and gurus from around the world.


Social Causes Events - You are not alone!

The division under social causes 'You are not alone' is aimed at helping Individuals and addressing social issues, striving to create a sense of unity, and provide assistance through the learned to those in need.

Modeling & Multilingual Volunteers

The company also supports talent by offering freelance opportunities through modeling and learning via its multicultural platforms. 

With the love and support of all Sonu Singh aims to continue organizing world-class shows, connecting people and setting industry benchmarks.

Sonu Singh is also the founder and organizer of Kenya Worldwide Fashion Week, Sub-Saharan Africa's largest fashion extravaganza. This premier fashion event takes place in Nairobi, Kenya, and fosters the growth of the fashion and modeling industry in Africa.

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